What exactly is a debt management plan
What Is a Debt Management Plan?

If you are in debt and owe money to your creditors, there are various options available to you when it comes to paying the debt. The exact route you take to settle your outstanding debts will usually depend on your assets and the amount of spare money you have available. We understand that mounting debts […]

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Is it possible to get a loan while on Universal Credit
Can I Get a Loan If I’m on Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a Government benefit scheme aimed at offering financial assistance for people whose income is low or who are out of work. In the current climate, the number of people on Universal Credit is rising, many of whom have never been on it before. One question that people ask is whether it’s possible […]

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What score is classed as 'bad' in the UK
What Is a Bad Credit Score in the UK?

Your credit score is like a passport to credit in the UK, and that little number can mean the difference between getting a mortgage or a loan and having your application rejected. However, considering it’s an important number in most people’s lives, credit scores are widely misunderstood. Tending to your credit score is an important […]

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Prevent yourself falling victim to a cloned loan company
How to Protect Yourself From Cloned Loan Companies

It can sometimes feel that the internet is full of crooks and scammers. Not a day goes by when most of us receive a so-called phishing email, trying to tempt us to part with our money or login details for bank accounts and subscription services. Most are fairly easy to spot but succeed by contacting […]

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Can utility bills have an effect on your credit score
Do Utility Bills Affect Your Credit Score?

If you’re trying to improve your credit score, it’s important to consider every detail that might make a mark. In some cases, this could even include your utility bills – how you pay them, whether you pay them on top, and whether you’re on top of them all. Do Credit Reference Agencies Look at Utility […]

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Who exactly are the FCA and what do they do
Who Are the FCA?

When seeking financial services from reputable lenders, you are likely to come across mentions of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you don’t know what the FCA is, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Essentially the FCA is a regulatory body that ensures financial service providers adhere to specific conduct. For […]

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How and when should you complain to an ombudsman
A Guide on Complaining to an Ombudsman

UK consumers and businesses now have a clear set of rights that are protected by law. These rights ensure that they can buy with confidence, get trustworthy advice and obtain help with any disputed transactions. Who champions buyers’ rights? That would be the Ombudsman Service. This article explores ‘What is the Ombudsman Service?’ and provides […]

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credit reference agenices
Credit Reference Agencies in the UK

Like your birth certificate, your driving licence and your criminal record, your credit score stays with you for life. It’s how finance companies decide whether or not they want to lend you money or set up a finance agreement, such as a hire purchase, and it contains a record of everything you owe and how […]

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What is meant by a guarantor loan
A Guide to Guarantor Loans

When it comes to all things related to finance, it pays to research the ins, the outs and everything in between. This is especially true when it comes to loans; when managed correctly, they can be incredibly beneficial, but they can be extremely costly and can seriously damage an individual’s financial standing if utilised poorly. […]

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