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Rates from 49.9% APR to max 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £250 borrowed for 30 days. Total amount repayable is £310.00. Interest charged is £60.00, annual interest rate of 292% (fixed).Representative 669.35% APR (variable).

UK Payday Loans – Borrow From £100 to £5000

When something urgent comes up, and you need to obtain a quick short-term loan, come to us, and we’ll help you get what you need.

Payday loans UK are designed for emergency situations for residents of the United Kingdom. We can help you secure a same-day loan of between £100 and £5,000, and it’s a breeze to get started. If you need money fast, we can link you with the payday loans UK residents need.

It’s simple to apply, and we can help you get the best possible deal for your circumstances.

How do UK payday loans work?

We can help you apply for an instant loan in a matter of minutes. You simply need to select ‘apply now‘ and fill out our short online application. We ask for a few personal details like your name, address and contact details – nothing complicated. And with a little further information, you can submit your application with us in minutes, and we’ll set about finding you the right emergency loan. We like to make it as simple as possible for you as we know you are probably already in a stressful situation.

Short-term loans don’t discriminate. You can apply if you have poor credit, unlike most mainstream personal loan products. There will be no intrusive background checks either. As long as you provide the necessary information in your initial application and it all checks out, you have a very high chance of securing an online loan fast.

To take out a payday loan in the UK, there are some basic requirements:

  • You must be aged 18+ when you apply
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you live in the UK
  • You must have a bank account for the money to be paid into
  • You must be employed, or be able to prove a consistent income

What information do I need to provide?

The online application form for a payday loan is not complicated. It is designed to ascertain that you meet the eligibility criteria and are in a position to make the necessary repayments. The length of time it will take to get approved varies from one case to another, but we always aim to help you get the funds as quickly as possible.

The application form will ask you to provide details of the following:

    • The amount of money you need (the loan size)
    • Personal information (for identification purposes)
    • Current address (to prove you are a UK resident)
    • Residential status
    • Information about employment, income and outgoings (to help assess whether you can afford repayments)

Bank account (to transfer the funds upon acceptance of the loan agreement)

When can payday loans be helpful?

There are many short-term financial problems that can arise where a payday loan could help. Amongst these problems there are things like:

  • Large, important purchases
  • Unexpected bills
  • Home repairs like a broken washing machine or broken down boiler
  • Problems with your car, van or other vehicle
  • Funeral costs
  • Other sudden, unforeseen expenses

When should I NOT consider a payday loan?

When you’re in an unexpected cash emergency, a payday loan can be a good solution. However, there are many financial problems that instant loans are not designed to help with, including:

  • Paying off existing debts
  • Making a payment to a bailiff or credit company
  • Paying normal household bills like gas, electricity, water or rent
  • Spending on leisure or entertainment
  • Buying non-essential items or gadgets

If you are having difficulties keeping up with your existing financial obligations, a payday loan could worsen your financial situation. We recommend you seek advice from an organisation like the Money Advice Service or Stepchange.

How much should I borrow?

Generally speaking, UK payday loans are available at anything from £100 to £5,000. In some cases, you can build up a relationship of trust with a lender, and they will permit you to borrow more than £5,000, but that is at their discretion.

IMPORTANT: Payday loans are intended to assist when you need urgent cash to cover an unforeseen expense that arises. If something goes wrong with your car and you don’t have enough money to pay for repairs, a payday loan could be the solution. The same goes for other emergency expenses like hospital bills and home repairs. These situations tend to arise at inconvenient times when you are ill-prepared to deal with them.

We DO NOT recommend applying for emergency loans for any purpose that doesn’t constitute ‘an emergency’ – in other words, don’t take out an instant loan to buy new shoes, clothes, gadgets, etc. You should also stay away from this type of loan if you cannot comfortably make the repayments. If you default on a loan, your credit rating can be adversely affected, and you may struggle to secure any credit in the future.


Bear in mind that we utilise a fully automated application process. Once an application is submitted accurately, it is forwarded to a long list of UK payday loan providers. In addition, we have strong relationships with many authorised emergency loan lenders, and we can guarantee a very high approval rate when the information in your application is 100% accurate.

When the outcome of an application is confirmed, we will send you an email right away. Only a handful of applicants will be unable to secure short-term loans with us. On the rare occasion that an application is declined, the most common reason is incomplete or inaccurate information in the form, so fill out the form properly.

The possible decisions from the lender are as follows:

1. Approved: If you are approved and sign the loan agreement, the amount offered will be released. It will then be your responsibility to pay back the loan plus interest according to the agreed schedule.

2. Declined: This is very rare when you apply through us, but there are times when a loan application does not get approved. Always seek an explanation of why your application was not accepted to be better prepared the next time.

3. More information needed: Sometimes, the lender will ask for further information than what was provided on the form. They will be specific about the information they require and, if you can provide it, you should then be able to get approval.

When you have a broker assist with your application, your chances of approval are far higher than they would otherwise be. This is because we understand the factors that will impact your application, and we understand the requirements of different lenders. Our expertise will ensure that your application is placed with the right lender, giving you the maximum chance of securing the funds you need quickly.

Loan agreement

When an application is successful, you will be redirected to a lender’s website automatically. During the processing stage of your application, we match you with the most appropriate lenders based on several key factors in your form. These include the loan amount, your income level and your preferred terms for a loan. With our input, you are certain to be matched with the ideal payday loans provider for your circumstances.

Before the loan amount is released into your account, you will be provided with a loan agreement that you must read over and decide if you wish to proceed. Nothing will happen until you confirm your acceptance of the agreement. We recommend that you read through the terms of the agreement carefully to ensure that you are happy to consent to it. You may be in a hurry to get the money, but you don’t want to accept any terms that may place you in financial jeopardy down the line.

Transfer of funds

After carefully reading your loan agreement and signing it, the funds will be automatically transferred in a matter of minutes. Payday loans that you obtain through us will be sent to you in under 10 minutes. Thanks to the Fast Payment Service we utilise, our clients enjoy rapid disbursement of funds. We strongly recommend this option for any borrower who really can’t afford to be kept waiting since many short-term loans take hours or even days to be transferred. With Fast Payment Service, your funds will arrive in your bank account in 10 minutes or less.

Should I apply with a lender directly?

It is possible to apply directly with a payday loans UK lender. They will need you to fill out an application form and submit it for processing. In most cases, this can be done online, so it shouldn’t take long. However, without access to the full market of lenders, and expert knowledge of their criteria, you can’t guarantee you are placing your application with the best option for you. If your application is declined, you will have to start the whole process again with a different lender.

There are plenty of credit providers in the UK who specialise in delivering fast payday loans for borrowers facing an emergency. However, before approaching a lender, you should check that they are fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – if they are not, you could be entering dangerous territory. Search for them on the FCA Register to find out more about them – you may be in a hurry to secure your funds, but failing to do your due diligence could land you in financial trouble.

We also recommend that you check your credit file before applying directly with a lender since any errors or issues could cause delays. You may even find that your application is declined by some lenders based on the state of your credit file.

How can a broker help?

When you apply for an emergency loan through a credit broker, it can save you a lot of time and maximise your chances of getting approved quickly. You won’t have to submit multiple applications with different lenders to get approval – you simply fill out a single application with us, and we will take it from there. As experts in the payday loans market with productive relationships with lenders, we have strong knowledge of the deals available for people with different circumstances. Our input will ensure your application is placed with the right lender for you and fully understand your loan agreement’s terms.

With the help of a credit broker, everything will happen more quickly and with far less stress. As a result, you will also significantly reduce the risk of negatively impacting your credit score. In addition, if you have questions at any stage in the process, we can give you the answers to ensure you fully understand what’s happening. What’s more, by making the entire process happen quickly and smoothly, we can help you resolve the urgent situation in your life as swiftly as possible so that you can get on with your life.

Key benefits of credit brokers:

1. A single application gives you access to multiple lenders simultaneously, saving you time and stress.
2. You will be matched with the most appropriate lender that offers the best deal for your circumstances.
3. Your credit file is protected from the damage of having multiple credit checks undertaken.
4. You have the advice of an expert in your corner should you have any doubts or concerns.

The right UK payday credit brokers for me

A record of success: We have processed many thousands of successful loan applications with many satisfied customers since we came into the business. Our assistance has enabled many, many borrowers to secure funds totalling millions of pounds to help them cover an unexpected, emergency bill that life throws their way.

A high approval rate: Any borrower who applies for a payday loan through us is all but guaranteed to be approved. We have developed close partnerships with the top lenders who always approve loans when the application is completed accurately and properly. What’s more, you don’t even need to worry if your credit rating is bad because we cater for bad credit payday loans too. As expert credit brokers, we know who to place your application with to give you the best possible chance of approval. When you approach lenders directly, you don’t get this key benefit.

A complete online service: The stages of applying, processing and releasing funds all happen over the internet, meaning they happen in the fastest possible way. We understand that there is a factor of urgency when you apply for an instant loan, so we have gone above and beyond to ensure the full process happens as quickly as possible.

Unbeatable terms: Thanks to our partnerships with the leading payday loans providers in the UK, the loans our clients are offered have very competitive rates. Take a look at our representative APR and compare that with our competitors’ rates – we think you’ll see the proof is in the pudding. Furthermore, if you have problems meeting the obligations laid out in your loan agreement, you can contact us ahead of time, and we’ll help you facilitate new terms that are more manageable. Our team is available round the clock to deal with correspondence. Of course, the lender will dictate the new terms but, with our help, you will be able to avoid issues like defaulting on your payments.

We are FCA authorised and regulated: We display our FCA authorisation number clearly on our website. You can confirm our authorisation by finding us in the FCA’s registry. You will find all our company information there, including our physical address. You should never trust a payday lender that is not transparent about its company details.

Data protection: We are fully compliant with GDPR, as are all our partners. The protection of your data is of paramount importance, so we pull out all the stops to ensure there is no chance of your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Fast, reliable service

If you face an unexpected bill or expense that needs to be urgently addressed, a payday loan may be a good option for you. Of course, you may want to seek advice first before deciding, but if you want to go ahead, you should start filling out an application with us. It only takes a few minutes, and we will set about placing your application with the right lender to get you the funds you need in a matter of minutes!

Our service is fully authorised by the FCA and trusted by countless clients who have resolved their urgent situations with minimal fuss. We make it fast and simple to secure the emergency funds you need, and you can depend on us to put your safety front and centre. So if a payday loan is what you need, get started with your application right away.